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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

My attempts to write a Quire Quick and Dirty Guide To Wolverine and…

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quentin quire: bad news
My attempts to write a Quire Quick and Dirty Guide To Wolverine and the X-Men are not going well. They have both run to multiple pages and aren't even half way done. The kids have really complicated and interesting résumés. So, here we are, me trying to write a one-line description of the kids:

Quentin "Kid Omega" Quire: telepathic telekinetic trouble maker and former terrorist.

Idie "Oya" Okonkwo: was almost burned as a witch, still thinks the people who tried to burn her were right.

Broo: Vegetarian people-eating space locust. Bookish and keen to learn.

Trevor "Eye Boy": has eyes, lots of them, everywhere.

Evan "Genesis": the boy born in a bottle, a clone of the Big Bad Apocalypse

Kub'ark: Alien space prince of the Shi'Ar. More arrogant than Quentin.

Glob Herman: got expelled, not in this story

Professor Logan: Headmaster Snikt (thank you, Quentin Ice Man)
  • His name is "Eye Boy"? Were all the cool vision-related names taken?
    • It seems so. He'll regret it when he's older. There's even a flash-forward in one issue where he complains to Logan about how... *finds issue* "I'm forty years old when are you going to start calling me Eye Man?"

      We're talking about this kid: this kid

      He writes and edits the student newspaper and Logan taught him to cheat at cards. He develops a liking for hand guns and has an advantage when it comes to aiming
      • Hah, I really don't think that Eye Man is any less lame! And I really bet he regretted it when Apple got going and everyone thought he was iBoy.
        • Actually, he massively post-dates Apple and their i-things. Somewhere after 2010.

          It confused me too and that was even with his name printed under him in the team roster. Strangely, he has two loving parents. Given that the other kids have been:
          *burnt as a witch
          *rescued by SWORD (the space version of SHIELD)
          *grown in a bottle by a crazy guy to see what happens next
          *sent to bed without any supper - for bed, read earth
          *I have no freaking idea
          * was a sickly kid until he had these things come out his wrists...

          [Quentavius Quire went postal after his parents told him he was adopted in his "happy birthday" phone call. The result was Quentin Quire, Kid Omega, Future Ruler of the World, Big Scary Mutant Terrorist, Best X-Man Ever and the next Phoenix.

          [Run, now. Except you can't he's hacked your feet.]

          [ he has also Been Given a Stern Talking-To By Captain America. He is very proud of that. Wolvie and Cap got Rachel Grey to nail his powers to the floor and then dropped him in high school - he has...

          When did this post become All About Quentin? Quentin? You haven't been playing mind control again? You're not allowed to use mind control in class. Or out of class. DETENTION!

          • Yeah, I've taken over this stupid blog because I am a psychic hacker and got into this 'tard's little brain. It's pretty empty here and roomy. got to bring a chair and cooler next time and then I can rock out... maybe I'll invite a friend... I might even Get Some Action. I totally need to bring Idie, it'll be romantic and maybe I can get/make her kiss me - and then I have Got Some Action and it would be totally great. Man. Whatever.
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