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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

A day of exciting excitement. Uhm: Quentin talking to Julie Monday…

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Droopy: radio
A day of exciting excitement.


Quentin talking to Julie Monday (OFC) about the joy of working with the Shi-Ar and their can-do attitude to galactic imperalism and Warbird's typical still-life arrangements for Art Class.

...and ritual disembowelment

Kub'Ark {where does his apostrophe go?}

Great, you have a word for that. I'm not explaining why the Shi'Ar have a fucking word for that...


You what?

One of your sub-cultures have a word for it. The people of this country Japan... are remarkably cultured and...

so basically: they embody a lot of things the Shi'Ar consider ordinary and civilised: ritual, conformity, self-disembowlment as a honorable mode of death... considering they think that humanity are essentually faintly-amusing uncivilised barbarians, with pathetic technology and generally backward


the Shi'Ar are the only inter-glactic power in the Marvel Universe who haven't tried to conquer the Earth.  This suggests they are smarter than the average galactic empire (i.e the Skrulls and other idiots) or they don't think the Earth is worth conquering and are laughing themselves silly (very likely) or they're too busy "pacifying" somewhere else.

Many Worlds! One Imperium!

The X-men First Contacted the Shi'Ar: it helped that Professor Xavier was having an intergalactic psychic affair with the then Empress.  Also, the Shi'ar think we are very amusing and seem somewhat baffled about mutants... (it's the unique powers)...   and there is much eyebrow raising - well at least with Kub'arc's Dad, Kul'ark, the now president and presumably only non-Shi'ar to hold the throne...

It's an imperial dynasty of two - there are no more Gladiators as there are no more Strontrians.  Their race is extinct: there are only the two of them left and there will be no kids.  Whatever killed their people/destoryed their planet must have happened on Bring Your Kid To Work Day and they had set Kub'Arc out with his own little Gladiator uniform so he could adorably annoy things and damage property.  Uh, that bit happened before the previous Empress went incurably insane (there was a Thing in Xavier's Body that thought killing the girlfriend would be a nice bit of sadistic fun) and ending their entire imperial dynasty.  Kul'ark was the best candidate - leader of the Imperial Guard and already in control of all the conquering and very charismatic.   He is ludicrously powerful - unaided space flight, changes size, laser eyes, superstrength, breathing fire (I think)...

Kub'arc hasn't quite got there and has a lot of learning to do.  He still wears his mini-me costume and has a typically Imperial Attitude (why haven't you started grovelling yet?) and an obsession with punching things... anything... he likes it that the Jean Grey School gets attacked at least once a week and after Study Hall with Wolverine, space-battles against ludicrously powerful aliens aren't all that scary.  He now has his first ever Campaign Medal.

The Shi'Ar in general have a very might-is-right attitude to the universe (or at least, to the places they haven't conquered yet).  They have an obsession with in'explic'able incon'sistant rand'om apostrophes and seem spelling-optional.

[also, firefox has no spell check - *cries*]
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