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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I have this "I should post this to livejournal" thought…

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nightcrawler: sleeping
I have this "I should post this to livejournal" thought every day and then I run away from it. It is rather like me and e-mails to real people.  (uhm, one year two months and counting)  I'm back at "work" and this time it is summer season which is much less sucky than the rest of the year*. Cue small children and my best-beloved touch table.  Great with small kids - the classic:

what is this bone from?  the romans ate it...
the romans didn't have dinosaurs... oooh, I think we're 200,000 years out... but if there were dinosaurs around, I'm sure the romans would eat some... [to smaller sister] what do you think?
dragons [that total conviction of  very small children]
don't be stupid, dragons aren't real

In other work news, I have written a bulletin for the newsletter, which I think the readership will not understand in the very least, which is fine because ONL and I didn't understand the original press release.  I am half-convinced to put "if anyone understands this, please contact the author, because she can't"

<small> * I think we need an unofficial guide book sale league.  Colouring books can count double (because I sell most of them).
  • Yes the Romans would put just about anything in their mouths at least once! Lol!

    Obvs someone hasn't heard about Komodo dragons! They are very real! But the don't breathe fire, fly, or sing songs.
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