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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

short post

short post

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animal: omg llamas!
Spent today playing with vacuum clothes storage things.  Turned out that most of the spare bags left at casa buzzy are the super jumbo never fit anywhere size.  So clothes (woolly jumpers, sweaters) didn't suck as much as planned.  Took some of the new space to move stuff around and found the emotional-connection drawer (am I the only person with one?  Things that don't fit but you don't want to get rid of, dresses so tired they should hibernate... the yellow denim shorts with pink flowers on that I wore to my first ever vacation job in a massively over-heated factory - I got a lot of stick, but at least I stopped fainting) and (aha!) shorts, size 14, couldn't possibly fit, try them anyway...
I have shorts!!
I've been trying (and obsessing) about getting some.  Nothing fits (especially the ones I bought from debenhams online -- less said, the better - sheer trauma) and everything is the wrong length (I am short.  4'11" short. capri pants and crops manage to get to the right length for looking... just above the ankles... a dork) and now *glee* I have some that fit.

(holiday in sept - dalyan, turkey - archaeological touring and insane cross-stitching)
(I just need to lose a little weight and get a lot fitter - last year sucked)

  • Ugh, yes, as a fellow 4'11"-er I feel your pain about capri and crop pants being precisely the wrong length to look good...

    I've had good luck in the past with Next Petite for shorts. (Most of their jeans styles are about 3" too long though, sigh. I look good in skinny flares, damn it, but not when I have to roll the legs up.)
    • The current thing about petite ranges is they expect you to be petite all-over and right now I'm not.
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