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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

In which the real world sucks

In which the real world sucks

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quentin quire: bad news
Ugh.  This morning sucks already. *brain*

Some interesting things have happened.  Unfortunately, I feel rather disconnected right now and words are not my friends.

*Friday we had a French school in (100 kids in two waves) and they developed a craze for mini brass rubbing (10p a sheet) and one of the grown ups coached them in how to ask in English.  Strangely, some of the kids (who seemed to fail understanding their english-language quiz sheets (circle the picture that resembles the weather today) got "I am not doing your work sheets for you" fine.  [This is not me being mean, I'm good for one question, preferably in English, I just object to having sheets pushed in my face].  Some much brighter kids worked out how to say "what does A D mean?".

*Thursday we had my brain jabs.  They were pointy.  They were also late [somebody hadn't delivered the botox].  We had pizza [pizza express is the one restaurant I am quick to order for.  Sloppy Guiseppe, if you're ordering] and then we had some real fun.  Last time [november] I was told to book a one-year appointment and got December 24 2015 [which is unreal] so I phoned up and got it moved to January 2016  [only two months out from the Scary Consultant's orders]...

...it didn't get rebooked.  The January appointment was never booked but December got unbooked.  My January appointment was down to January 2015 - it had already happened by the time I got the change.  And now I have a DNA [did not attend] stuck on my record.  When I tried to rebook, I got June 2016. *cries*  Only six months out from my "return in a year" so, suck.  The clinic thing gets massively over-booked, so the chances of a cancellation [which is what I need] are very very slim.
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