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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Shopping: Foot in Mouth Edition

Shopping: Foot in Mouth Edition

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ckr: fear is negotiable
Firstly, I can safely say that I am the only person you know with a jelly-fish print summer dress.

Secondly: In shoe shop.  Picking up more shoes from the floor and onto the display right in front of them, "Isn't it so bloody difficult to put them back?" - I turned around and nearly walked into hard-pressed assistant returning about 9 pairs of the same flip-flops.

Thirdly: looking at the most horribly ugly coral blouse with broderie anglais triming to the lady right next to me, "uh, isn't it the most hideous thing you've seen?" - then the lady llifted up her arm-full of clothing and waved it at me.  She (at least) had the grace to say, "it looks better on."

At work Friday: we made -£4.00 (anti)profit.  Not enough door money to buy two sets of sandwiches/sushi and a little consideration.  Six visitors and one horrible woman with a credit card and a misplaced/horrid sense of entitilment.  I get paid £10 a day, we cannot afford to rent card equipment and why not take £10 out of the bank at the bottom of the street (all four doors of it)?  She was not nice about this.  Hoping she isn't the type to give horrible spiteful comments on trip advisor. 
  • I have a pair of jellyfish shorts that glow in the dark, but yay for jellyfish dress!

    Ah the bane of shoe retail work! I don't miss my 5 yrs of that. People can be so rude about putting stuff back.

    Hopefully you only have good comments on trip advisor!
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