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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

How come it takes bbd's windows 7 version of outlook* load about…

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hugh huh (twitch)
How come it takes bbd's windows 7 version of outlook* load about five times more slowly than my office 2003 version?  This is annoying when you try to e-mail yourself^

*ETA: it's Office 2013, with less features, slower loading and attempts to hive you off to other Microsoft Office applications (probably not available on the entry level version) to do things you could previously do in Word in less that two minutes.  Lack of integrated scan/insert function and then (therefore) fucking One Note.  I hate fucking One Note, but I think you've guessed that already.

^I live in a house with eighteen computers/internet thingies, of which seven eight nine eight again are in regular use.  There are three desktops (the parental one, mine, dosk), four tablets (one each) and my netbook (which would better function as a doorstop - bbd, "I know you said it was slow...") that functions as a word-processor of last default and the only thing I will let near the office computer.  ONL: no internet connection, no viruses... right?

Regular use ignores the three kindles and the number of old tech things - three upgraded tablets, the two old sat navs (cheaper to replace than update the maps), dosk's (rarely seen) laptop, the three desk-tops/box 'puters floating around (one is the loaner, two was almost converted into a media server, three is my adorable old one living in hope of becoming a stereo) and I'm pretty sure I missed something.  Dosk periodicly tries to turn box four into a linux box/render-farm/something. Oh, and we have a NAS.  The whole business makes Spooky's brain hurt - "how can anybody own that many computers?"

ETA SQUARED: how will my Office (actually works version, no incomprehensible ribbon thing) 2003 get on with Windows 10? *wibble*
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