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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I now have a lovely new swimsuit -- forties-style sea-green with a…

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hugh cemetary two
I now have a lovely new swimsuit -- forties-style sea-green with a day-of-the-dead floral motifs. Mummyfrog surprisingly likes it.

Many things today have been surprising:
*my phone for being locked to emergency calls because it didn't have any credit but had failed to tell me. cue epic flail trying to find another phone that works. just as bbd realises his has possibly died and he is flailing around trying to find another phone that works.
*I needed a new swimsuit where my boobs won't fall out.
*somehow bbd had gone from "how about we go to peacocks* in town" and "we know the buses are unreliable" and "how about we go next week when mummy is off work?" when I suggested yesterday that I toddle off to Canterbury on my own to buy new swimsuit to today "yeah! great idea - i need to go to the bank and i'll drop you off and come back and pick you up in four hours!"
*I suspect mummyfrog. Probably after bbd failed to get the idea of clothes shops/ 50% mega discounts/ store "seasonality" meaning that there probably weren't a lot of options out there
*and there weren't
*amazingly all the horrible own-brand aztec-inspired/electric vomit/black stuff was still there and you can also buy the co-ordinating kaftan / flip-flops / beach bag / beach dress...
*the ones I ordered on-line (following bbd etc yesterday) were in stock and unexpectedly horrible looking. The pink background on the screen (behind the mandatory tropical flowers) was actual a horrifying pink/magenta geometric print**.
*i was very surprised to find this one (my new one) in stock - one size and that size was buzzy.
*marscapone cheesecake

So today was supersonically good. This makes a change from the depressing depression. Which has really sucked for the last couple of weeks.

Footnotes: * Peacocks is a clothing chain not noted for its swimwear.**it doesn't look bad on-line here - maybe i just tried on a super-unfortunate print/cutting tragedy
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