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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Okay. I've been at "work" today and we made an anti-profit of £1…

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hugh huh (twitch)
Okay. I've been at "work" today and we made an anti-profit of £1

The other half of my work-based news: I have picked a lot of blackberries and endured much scratching and unanticipated nettles. The garden style at where I work is minimal. Much of it is non-existent, especially anywhere near the moat (we have a moat, it is deep, do not climb in to relieve yourself). So, there are brambles. So, buzzy spent her lunch leaning over the fence between us (where the blackberries are) and the private car-park (where the blackberries are not and neither is a 15ft drop) and now we have masses of the things. The whole "what do we do with them?" question is beginning to sink in.
  • Make jam or preserves, or you could freeze them. You rinse them off with cold water and then pat them dry. Put them on a flat sheet and freeze them. Then once they're frozen, you put them in plastic bags so you can have them for up to a year. Yum.
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