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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Amazing: the Buzzy Brane Goes Blip and then Explains Why It Is Out of Love With Who

Amazing: the Buzzy Brane Goes Blip and then Explains Why It Is Out of Love With Who

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callum and hugh
I know I never really post.

So. Last Sunday: first seizure in two years.

I was just about pulling it together for most of the year, actually wanting to communicate and maybe finish stitching with some real excitement... apathy/anxiety/depression girl was quietly sneaking out of the room and has now tipped over the carpet, grabbed out for the curtain and that has displaced the floor lamp which has hit the bust with the a feathery hat straight into the drinks cabinet...

So. The depression is back and looking for something to eat.


Talking about apathy and disconnection and disappearing future plans, Doctor Who. This may turn into the Why I Don't Like Clara post, or maybe, the Why I Don't Like Clara This Season post...

It's not. Much. It's the I Am Now MEH for Who.

I didn't finish this episode. Everything in the desert was just amazing, beautiful, world-building and the landscape of this Doctor's Soul [like the previous episode this seemed less like the dreaded duty execution, dentist appointment of apathy, boredom and lindocaine, and we rush dinner for this...] and made most of the previous episode really good and thinky and more-of-this-pls

Then, as soon as the Doctor went from being cool, understated vengeful desert of a guy man-with-no-name cowboy war hero drama-ing it up with his sulky sonic-sunglasses* staging the most slow and uneventful coup d'etat in all time (and being Gallifrey, all-time has pretty much happened) and back to the city...

...then I wandered off, skipped the episode, tried to mollify my digestive functions with ice-cream...

...because it hit the dead!Clara thing, the folie-a-deux obsession break-all-the-rules stupid returned and sorry but...

ignoring that that episode should have a) been a different episode b) not written by a newbie and c) took an interesting concept and then screwed it to death with... it.

Clara's epic hubris... over-confidence... oh well, he's the doctor... doctor saves us anti-plan... we don't plan because his plan will save us... who would believe that I'm a school teacher when I instantly abdicate all responsibility the moment the doctor arrives...

...didn't really endear me to her and a whole season of it... I've spent it waiting for dead!Clara to happen and basically every episode was a dead!Clara episode and it pulled some really good episodes down... I loved the Underwater One until...

...basically, every episode featured the same... Clara prattles into epic danger like some sort of sleep-walking tourist (Two Flower) and makes her whole... it's the Doctor, of course the Doctor will save us, we don't need to make a plan, the Doctor is the plan... walk into danger with perky cheerfulness and take the otherwise safe bystanders with her because nothing bad can happen because he's the Doctor [and the way she can lead stunned bystanders into situations with sing-song determination seems the only sign she actually works/functions as a school-teacher] and then...

...carry on walking into the scary epic danger rather than do what the Doctor suggests... say encourage the locals to evacuate the village, the under-water habitat; accept that History exists and sometimes it kills; or just face that time-travel has rules and physical-laws and ethical-limitations...

...and then the consequences happen, the mayhem happens when her little plan goes wrong... people die and history doesn't work the way she wanted it... or how it makes her feel okay about what happened and that she doesn't have to take any guilt...

*epic handwaving*

and then pressurise the Doctor until he "fixes" it so that the pretty-people survive or just makes her feel okay about whatever mayhem happened not

*unarticulated handwaving*

round to Clara prattling into epic danger like some kind of sleep-walking tourist and making stupidly bad/wrong/un-ethical decisions just because it makes her feel okay about whatever mayhem didn't happen as she wanted it...

actually, that doesn't make her far off one of the other annoying self-centred little souls does it? Stamp your feet and "you didn't say this was going to happen... it wasn't meant to happen like this..."

Apparently: I missed a lot of the good stuff, quoth Mum, and [blank] never really happened...

Oh and I stuck my head into the lounge to see if anybody wanted ice-cream and got to see the wonderful, beautiful, classic-style TARDIS and five seconds of awesome... and then I went and raided the freezer and carefully didn't consume 1/3 of a tub of ice-cream

...what happens next? I don't know and I'm not sure I care

* Actually, I really enjoy the Doctor characterisation this season, he finally seems to have got an identity going and his little intro to the camera pre-credits sequence and the sonic sunglasses... even the outfit and guitar falling into place... we were beginning to get a Doctor actually worth liking...
  • So sorry to hear about you having a seizure. That had to be disappointing to say the least.

    As for Who, I'm pretty damn sick of Clara. It's not the Clara show. It's supposed to be about the Doctor.

    • It's pretty pants.

      (uh, that probably sounds really weird in american)

      I'm just fed up with how she can even pretend to be a school-teacher... she clearly has a brain made up with goo... I thought she was meant to be the chirpy but super-smart assistant...

      Oh, and seriously, there was a throw-away bit in some episode or another when she shows the Doctor a little selfie done by a kid (they also seem to be all the wrong age) he helped with her school project...

      that goes against all safeguarding practices and is probably professional misconduct and would almost certainly get her fired and probably informally blacklisted. Getting people in from the community to talk to the kids about their wartime experiences during carpet time would take a hell of a lot of paperwork... it's no longer an informal arrangement made at the school gates at pick-up-time. Teaching is a paranoid profession these days.

      The other really grating thing is the implication is that teaching English is just this job Clara has fallen in to so she can have something to do between adventures and she can just waltz out and not have to worry about marking, meetings, training-days and bloody hard work.
      • Well, yeah, the thing about teaching is that a lot of people think it's like that. Doesn't surprise me that the writers reinforce that belief.

  • Oh no! Sorry to hear about the seizure. :( feel better soon.
  • Well, that sucks - I'm really sorry you had a seizure.

    And I am with you on not being endeared to Clara this season - I got to the point of rather liking her last year but she definitely overstayed he welcome. I wish she had left in the last Christmas episode like she was meant to! And I don't think I've ever been so pissed off to have a character resurrected as I was when I realised the diner!Clara was actually original Clara and not an splintered echo in the Doctor's timestream.

    The previous episode (with, coincidentally, no Clara) I thought was the best of this series by miles. This episode I thought was boring, a massive backstep that simply repeated things we've seen before between them, and it completely squandered an absolute peach of a set-up. It also didn't feel remotely like a finale, we actually had to double-check that it was the last one because it fell so flat.
    • I can't actually remember the christmas episode, but that is probably something to do with the feeling that I can't remember anything... it's just all "come on, you remember the time we were stopped by turkish customs for cheese smuggling?" and the thing is, I don't. It's just horrible and I can't get across to people how horrible it is. I can't remember most of my university career... that's four years of my life and all I can do is make vague statements about stuff I spent months learning and hope nobody calls me on the detail.

      I think I've just typed myself into depressing depression territory... I just have been veering in that direction for the last couple of weeks and the seizure has really aggravated it.

      [the cheese thing, did, indeed, happen or so I am told]
      [if you want to bring your cheese home with you don't put it in tupperware and then wrap it in tin-foil and put it in your luggage and don't do it in a militarily paranoid country with a pre-existing long-term terrorist problem... ]

      sorry, venting
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