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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

In the world of dubious cross-overs, once Bones reigned supreme: not…

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callum and hugh
In the world of dubious cross-overs, once Bones reigned supreme: not only did they have the unsubtle product-placement episode [three of the guys camping out in a tent to be at the front of the queue to see Avatar - another Fox production] they also had one of the most cynical misrepresentation episode [Stewie from Family Guy as invisible munchkin seen by brain-tumour hallucinating Booth] which tried to convince you that Family Guy was nice family viewing* and had a deeply uncomfortable David Boreanaz [proving that being producer on your own show does zip against corporate insanity] using the phrase "it's funny... to me, Bones". Let's face it, that is not Seeley Booth's choice of television. The Simpsons^ maybe, but we are talking nice mild-mannered conservative catholic boy who shoots people for his country...

Anyway that and the (even more tortured) Ordered by Fox Execs crossover between the Simpsons and Family Guy, once again trying to convince us that both are foul-mouthed violent and unfunny...

Then I watched Mythbusters: the Breaking Bad Special. Just try and think that. Funny science/explosion show with huge family audience. Drug-dealing anti-hero morally-ambiguous-but-funny show with adult subscription audience. Then try to smoosh the two together. The result sounds like cute but out-of-their-depth high-school-teacher and slightly-troubled-youngster take on hispanic-drug-dealers using high-school-science and mysterious-crystalline-substances. And destroy some evidence by putting a dead pig in a motel bath-tub with acid which then falls through the floor once they added some of mythbuster!jamie's secret sauce...


*do not ask my views on Family Guy, they are not repeatable unlike the vulgar sexist/racist/child-abuse-is-hilarious... poisonous crap shown endlessly on FX. Especially the it's-not-racist-if-a-nigga-says-it thing *urk*
^will somebody please tell me the apostrophe situation.
  • Ugh i can't stand Family guy. The dog was the only decent character and they killed him off. Besides being a racist amd homophobic show, it was also demeaning to women. Simpsons was way better.
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