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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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dS manga: ben with wings
56 French schoolchildren (surprisingly well behaved).

Told ONL that "crayon" means "pencil" in French, hopefully stopping years of confusion. Explaining brass rubbing (using wax crayons) in a language you stopped studying 16 years ago is... très intéressant*

*merci a google - I can't do accents
  • When I was a tour guide it was always the Italian school groups that were the worst. The French were usually okay.
    • I have never had that pleasure.

      These kids were in the 10-12 age range and had just got off the boat. They were pretty placid-ish. ONL was "helping" them with their questionnaires. They swarmed Fred the "skellington". They posed with the cut-out...

      The problem is the 13+ bracket. We have an agency in France who arranges trips. These are the 100+ trips. Normally in two exhausting 50 groups. The morning group are bad enough (and don't take well to the agency questionnaire and are not hot on brass rubbing). The afternoon group have just come back from the bloody zoo/adventure park and are hopped up on something...

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