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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Anchor (the cross stitch thread company) have gone under. There is…

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hugh huh (twitch)
Anchor (the cross stitch thread company) have gone under.

There is epic panic buying (and I am a panicked buyer).

A bunch of sites have collapsed. :-(

Does this mean that my box of "vintage" anchor* isn't "vintage" anymore?

Does no new supplies (i.e. because of no re-stocks and ceasing manufacture) count as "vintage"? hmmm?

[on the up-ish side, my team, portugal have made it to the top of the discount sweep-stakes - 30% off my vacation stitching. I have obscure and reasonably expensive tastes. No more new mirabilia designs for me - I cost most of them to about £70+]

*If you are wondering:- charity stops and gifts and discontinued stocks. Most of my gifts are seriously old-school. I have a pre-war biscuit tin with wood-pulp thread in it (seriously never going to try that one) and somewhere I have a 50s fruitbowl wall hanging, made up by yours truly from an original kit.

ETA: I also pick up strange thread on vacation. While I was in Turkey, I bought some Brazilian rayon. [I had to look that up]
  • whoa Anchor has been around for a long time. Feels like the passing of an era. I wonder who will take their place?
    • Lord knows, I don't.

      I have some of that in Reg's box too. When he was courting Mrs Reg, he embroidered her a skirt with children of all the nations around the bottom. He went aboout a year ago. :-(

      Aged 15, he and his boss got through a luftwaffe air-raid by walking under an upturned boat.
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