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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I rather forgot to talk to you again. Yesterday, at work I showed Mr…

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exc: oh dear!
I rather forgot to talk to you again.

Yesterday, at work I showed Mr Plum (a new guy - he sounds plummy) "the unbeatable squirrel girl" and I could hear him snickering in the office. He wants to know if there is more. So, at wild expense, I have ordered volume 2.

If you haven't heard of Donna Green - aka: the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - then, what can I say? She's a very outgoing young lady who has just started college but is trying to juggle computer science with kicking butt. She has "the proportional strength and abilities of a squirrel" and has written her own theme song that sounds very familiar but doesn't really scan that well ( Squirrel Girl, Squirrel Girl, Does What Ever A... Yes. That theme tune). She is not always the smartest spoon in the kitchen, but she is unbeatable. Kraven The Hunter totally pwned. Dr Doom totally embarrassed. Galactus... She's small, bouncy and can talk to squirrels. A totally cool super power. She also has good lateral thinking skills and a set of Deadpool's Super- (Uhm I can't spell the V--- word well enough for spell-check to tell me how it's wrong) Trading Cards which comprise her entire knowledge of... well... bad guys. Her best power isn't really talking in squirrel, it is in being Marvel's greatest Optimist. Also:

We don't need Luck, we've got nuts.
  • Yay squirrel-girl :)
  • Sounds fun - if I had ever been able to get into comics I would check it out. (Sadly I find the limited amount of text frustrating, I just can't seem to get into them.)
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