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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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animal: omg llamas!
I am trying to make one of these:

15-sided biscornu

I might be a little crazy.
  • Maybe not crazy, just ambitious. I don't have the patience to do that kind of work. I'd could do the stitching, but not the assembly.
    • I've already done all the stitching on the panels and currently I am working on outlining the bits with back stitch so I can [iron] then cut them all out and doing the putting-it-together stage.

      I need to make big decisions on the beading front.

      I've just done my vacation stitching shopping and I've blagged this one and regretting it. It looks cool but I've always had forebodings re: the alphabet (and so should have picked my other choice except it is nearly as fiddly.

      I like complicated things but maybe it's too much for a vacation. I kitted something for myself last year and the result totally didn't work for me. :-( It is now in stitch-limbo.

      I do have a smallish something else but I can't remember the flipping name - it's printed but cool. There's a printed bird and you add the decoration. Lots of different but easy stitches and a how-to-do it guide.
      • Your new one looks very nice. Good luck with it. It's a lot bigger than something I'd do. I used to do big projects, but now I stick to smaller ones like Christmas ornaments or maybe a pillow. My biggest issue is after stitching actually making it into something. I've got a whole stack of stitched projects but I haven't bothered to finish them off.
        • Oh, yes, but that one is only metaphorically big - 4.4in square. :-)

          Ah-ha! I really dig this lady's kits nancy nicholson

          I've got one of the birdies, they're stashed right now, but no. 4 is new. Last year I did teapot in a different colourway and before that cat (which is only very nearly finished - I ran out of thread and can't get the gumption to ask*). They are fun and come with a dinky stitching guide and a practice area on the side.

          ETA: I did the wedding cake last holiday and I can't remember if I finished or not. There is no sign of the design on her website.

          Almost all my pieces (some of them are big - really big big) wind up in poster-tubes stashed under my bed and the smaller ones in portfolios and pocket organiser things.

          *there are several of these.

          Edited at 2016-07-16 02:26 pm (UTC)
          • Oh, those are cool designs. I like the cat! But I'd never do it. I have hundreds of charts and plenty of floss. I hardly ever buy kits. The few that I have are tedious to even start because you have to sort the thread. Many times it it comes with cloth, it's been folded and creased. I wash and iron and the damn crease seems to haunt me.

            Pinterest has made me a hoarder of charts. There are thousands to look at and collect. I could spend hours just looking.
  • wow that biscornu looks amazing! I would love to see your take on it.
    • I've got the first ten parts stitched together (they make the base and the top) and those where the easy parts. The scary frustrating beady stuff and stuff - attaching the side panels to both halves without driving myself mad. I've had enough unpicking to do already and the rest of the thing is the Only One Chance To Get It Right stages. Unpicking the base twice and throwing away the bottom two panels and have to stitch a replacement was quite bad enough.
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