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I mentioned a couple of entries back that I accumulate thread from charity shops, gifts... stationers. Well, the mummyfrog has excelled herself and bought me £12.50 in threads from a charity shop. There are 173 skeins of them which (if I can use a calculator properly*) comes out as 7p a skein. Yeeps.

PS. My other big achievement is explaining the history of our [heritage site]^ in German to a rather startled German guy in, well, German. Well, mostly German. Wild coincidence: I looked up what [building material] was in German on Wednesday night.

*ONL has his doubts, my take never adds up properly. I think there is a little pixie that steals visitor tickets.
^ the [heritage sector] is low on funding, at least for our [heritage site] where we rely a lot on volunteer staff [me] and school visits for students aged about [age] who are studying [period] this term.

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