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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Does Anyone Know Anything About Sled Dogs?

Does Anyone Know Anything About Sled Dogs?

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hugh house
Does Anyone Know Anything About Sled Dogs?

Specifically, do they bite? I think they can. I'm rather hoping this is the case so I can do some key character stuff in my epic.
  • Sorry - know zilch about regular dogs let alone sled ones.
    However, I'm thinking they can bite. Mainly cos Dief is at least partly sled-dog and definitely can.
    • See, you're in the same posiition as me.

      I was planning a little story in a story for Ray bonding. As in both the Rays. Not in that way, though.
  • I think they're more wild than regular ones cos they're working dogs, but they aren't very likely to bite their owners cos they're a bit territorial
  • ANY dog can bite. However, sled dogs--huskies--are one of the least likely, because they've been bred like crazy not to turn on the owners (ironically, with the anti-pitbull laws going in everywhere, the same is true of pitbulls... the reason those attacks make the news is because THEY ARE RARE. Anyway. getting off my soapbox...)

    Huskies are still half wild, and pretty interbred with wolves--especially huskies that are actually being used as sled dogs (thought eh proper name for a husky/wolf cross is malamute; most sled dog owners don't really care, and often will call them either. To the owners, it's a working dog.) They've heavily pack animals, and--if they're working dogs--they often hunt their own food. Because they're interpred with wolves and because they're pack dogs, they're bred to be super-super nice to people.

    That said, it IS possible for a sled dog to turn on its owner or another person. This is most likely to happen if the dog was abused, the dog ran into the wild, had to hunt for food, and tried to eat a person because it was the only food the dog could catch (HIGHLY unlikely, as they're more likely to go to a human to beg for scraps!) or if the dog was trained--however unwittingly--to attack people. (You know, if a teenager gets the dog, and laughs when it jumps on his friends... things escalate from there.)

    Also, note abuse for dogs also consists of teasing, neglecting, and baiting--not just screaming and hitting.

    So. There you go. A long answer for a short question. ;)

    • So it would be majorly abnormal for one to bite a guy. Hmmm... now does that stop my plot-aspect dead, or does it give extra resonance?

      Of a "dogs don't normal bite people" kind.

      • You could also just say, 'dog was owned by an idiot owner' and go with the biting. ;)

        • Problem is this is a little "adventure" for a Mountie and his lover, er chum, oh yeah lover, Ray, a detective from Chicago who at this point doesn't know much about anything up in the Yukon.

          But then, the Mountie's been away inChicago fighting crime for a couple of years, so they can't really be his dogs (except for Diefenbaker, his pet wolf) so perhaps, borrowed from an idiot owner, might be more accurate, maybe an idiot owner with a teenage son of even greater idiocy.

          This is getting really ehlpful. All I need now is a typo cure.
  • Any dog can bite but sled dogs in general are not known for that behaviour. Perhaps if it was hungry and it was defending its food. I can see that. They love to eat. They do fight with one another sometimes over "rank" but not that often with people i don't think.
    • Okay... that's two "not normallys". Faintly worried.

      Mind, if a dog did bite Ray out on the tundra, I'm assuming Fraser will be a) Freaked and b) would quite possibly shot it.

      Hmmm maybe I can fit a line in about "I think that Fraser was watching me to see if I started biting the dogs, or something..."
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