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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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dief: Dief cry
The 15 sided biscornu pin concussion thing is no more.

It went wrong at the construction stage last night and when "closed" it looked like the only pincushion in the world with erectile dysfunction.

I took out a panel today and the whole segment pretty much fell to peaces [sp?] and then the fabric frayed past the outline/construction line and into the main body of the panel. The surrounding pasts are pretty much wrecked and now dissolving

[the spell check gave me "concussion" for cushion - I'm keeping it that way]
  • Sorry for the fail. It does look pretty technical.

    But, erectile dysfunction in a pincushion? LOL.
    • The panel just fell to bits as soon as I removed it. The fraying (which I had stopped to the point of rigidity - it was already a problem) managed to work its way into the stitched area. If you've ever biscornu'ed (in two pieces like sane, normal people) it got inside the back stitch square for lacing it up. If you haven't biscornued don't worry about it.

      It stuck out in exactly the way it shouldn't stick out - somewhere between a pyramid and penis.

      Edited at 2016-07-25 07:17 pm (UTC)
  • You are very brave to attempt it! seriously, looked very difficult.
    Do you ever use "fray check" on your projects? It helps me with fabric that fray like cray.
    • I practically glued some sections together with "fray stopper" which is the best stuff I've had (adjustable nozzle!). The bits that looked like they could possibly fray got lashings of the stuff. That was most of the panel I took out - it ended up looking like the base of a scarf and the damage had kept going through the backstitch edging (which is not meant to fray) and into the decoration.

      I could have done it with larger margins (maybe) but they would be harder to fold. I'd even done two test strips to check it would go together right. :-(
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