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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I'm more than a little zapped right now. On the weekend somebodies…

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fraser: lost boy
I'm more than a little zapped right now.

On the weekend somebodies stole our donation/collection box at work. There is/was a couple doing distraction thefts in town and they've hit other charities either by nicking the things in the charity's own shops (the rspca nodding dog is gone) and collection boxes at tills including one for a girl's cancer treatment. We were "lucky" because we have two boxes and one of them is chained to the freaking front desk so they "only" took £10-20 from the old tin box. They're using a man doing the distracting and a woman with a "baby" in a pram. Babies might play with rattles but I've never known one to rattle...

So. Yay. I am on orders to keep my eyes peeled for suspicious foreigners with babies.

In other news, sometimes I do things at work that might actually possibly have some element of archaeological activity. Currently, it's typing up grave inscriptions and I have developed a special kind of hate for Victorians who have the need to spend 12 lines telling us how wonderfully pious and self-sacrificing the young lady has been during her protracted illness and how she is now with Jesus and waiting for the great resurrection... and then deciding to carve multiple verses from the Bible...
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