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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

venting and ventilation

venting and ventilation

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vecchio: hurty
We got a letter yesterday. Dosk's benefit application has been reviewed and turned down again.

It seems to be on the grounds he can actually walk.

Clearly, honesty is not the best policy.

Unlike the guy who comes in the door and walks up to threaten, swear and intimidate the female receptionist (fortunately behind a glass panel) and continue in this vein/vane(?) for quite a while being angry because this was the third appointment they'd made with him and it was inconvenient and he wasn't going to sit down and take it and they should respect his rights and there was no way he was going to sit down and wait because they always ran late and he had a prior engagement [I doubt] and he has mental problems and the fucking couuncil keeps on trying to send him there because he has mental problems and they shouldn't be doing to him and he needs to be somewhere else [I think he said for his fuckin' tea] and he's not waiting around and... no offense darling I know it's not your fault but they weren't going to make him do this and they should make another fuckking appointment because this was the third time they'd sent him an appointment and they were never the right time because he has things to do and they're not making him do it because all they want to do was take away his [bennies? council housing?] but they're not going to because he has a mental problem and I know it's not your fault, love...

Add foul language according to your taste. It could never be enough...

That was written from life (pretty much), I know this because...

I gave up my "work" to attend a session there and, yes, there was a delay, they were running 1/2 hour late, but I have never been gladder that I had no vacant seat next to me.

I have been there before and have seen a charming soul who tried to smash his way through the (hopefully) plexiglass barrier because they had no right to stop his bennies because he couldn't fucking walk 10 feet... and then stormed out post-hase carrying his (unused mint-condition) walking stick and verbally abuse the (female) receptionist and make some odious points about her sexual organs and how under-exercised they were and make a kind suggestion that he could help rectify the situation and then, thankfully, stomped out across the car park holding his stick...

...there was another lady who claimed that this was taking too long and she wanted to have her fag outside and they could stuff the appointment...

And, then, there is my brother who filled in his form truthfully and according to instructions and stated that on occassions he had been able to walk more than fifteen metres and that was very unusual due to his hyper-flexible joints (do your knees bend backwards and would you want them to) and his serious, untreatable, nerve-related pain problems and spasms and a many-hued wide selection of allergies and breathing problems...

...is turned down because he is "mobile"

...some days he just about makes it to the sofa and then has to rest and do some serious deep breathing for ten minutes. we don't take him out much, when we take him out, we do it very carefully, when we take him abroad he spends the journey on wheels and then walks very carefully to the hire car which is close as possible. he still spends much of his holiday on the couch just with more sunshine and carefully timed road-trips arranged on his pain/mobility...

...that's the other thing with these assessments, they don't seem to rate chromic pain conditions.

I think that is me written out and I am now going to play the most pointless computer game on earth. Thank you for being there, even if you're not.
  • I'm so sorry to hear this. {{{Hugs}}}}

    I feel so bad for people who get caught up in this kind of bullshit. I wish there was more I could do or suggest.

  • I am with the first poster. Just wow. How can people fall through the cracks of a system like this? :(
    Would it help to have news coverage of dosk's issues? Because squeaky wheels do tend to get more oil but i understand if it's too burdensome or embarrassing. Maybe contact a news place about this sort of injustice?
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