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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Everything here is still pretty boring. Elvis is going to Australia…

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Droopy: radio
Everything here is still pretty boring.

Elvis is going to Australia at the end of the week and is getting in the mood with his hawaiian shirts. EQ sent me a make-your-own travel teddy kit for my birthday and a bar of soap that promises to make you a better person. [It's very odd] "work" was pretty dead and after expenses... not a lot [and that isn't taking account of the electricity bill etc - it's a black-box museum]. ONL said he was going to send me to buy something surprising [!]... which turned out to be dust-sheets from poundland. Not my idea of a surprise [especially because it was my birthday at the weekend] and 338 sqr inches of plastic really isn't a surprise [except on the onl!wtf scale].

For the unitiated, I work with Elvis and O[ur] N[oble] L[eader] at an unspecified charity-run museum/ winter base for an archaeological team. ONL lives somewhere around 1973. It is Archaeology on Mars. I do an awful amount of typing and tea-making. EQ is an university friend who is obsessed with needlework as much as I am. [scary]
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