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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Beating Around The Bush

Beating Around The Bush

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hugh house
Okay, today was rather boring. I had a hard time convincing people to eat my traditional Madeiran Sugar-Cane-Juice cookies at the knit and natter. It is amazing how many people say they are on a diet, don't eat during the day... in the face of one tiny cookie. :-(

Trying to make this post less-depression-making, here are some pictures of a very famous part of Madeira:


This is the famous Botanic Garden at Funchal. This is topiary taken to the nth degree. The gardens are amazing. Sadly, wild-fires earlier in the year had taken out the arboretum (a collection of trees - mummyfrog took some heart-rending pictures) and the orchid gardens (which are/were legendary). In other news, the Aviary was closed to visitors and the cable-car was grounded. The cable car is pretty much essential if you want to visit from the main town: the general terrain is steep (or if you ask a friendly local taxi driver: stip) and walking down to the entrance from the (closed) upper cable car station is bad enough - walking up from the town would be worse.

BTW, those are the natural colours. I am not playing around with brightness settings etc.


I had a little side-project going: this bear was a birthday present from EQ. Inigo was packaged up as a "Travel Bear" so taking him along was sort-of compulsory. There is a very good chance EQ will get the snaps in the form of a calendar.


A traditional-style house. This one is about the size of a garden shed and probably exists to enable tourists to take cute pictures of their little kids. So mum did one of me. [I got asked my age at a museum, which is pretty nifty for somebody now 30+. If I was not an honest, upright individual that would have saved me 2 Euro.]

DSCF3819 - Copy

Madeira is famous for its flowers and its flower festivals (we are well and truly out of season for that) and it is the Bird-of-Paradise flower that is most famous and pretty much endemic. You can buy the plants at the airport in little flight-safe boxes.


I have no idea what this is, but it was very pretty and may well be some kind of orchid thing. It was certainly hanging around in one of the damper wooded areas.

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