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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello. After finding that it had garnered 4 pages of spam comments…

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cross stitch: birdy
Hello. After finding that it had garnered 4 pages of spam comments offering me all forms of dubious websites, I went and deleted the gosh-darn post. I don't think anybody wants to read about my headaches c. 2013 anywhichway.

This is as exciting as it gets. I currently face a huge world-changing dilemma: what colour do I outline my cross-stitch fairy in? The given colour is bramble bush, which is one of the most variegated hand-dyed thread that claims it is a solid colour. Do I go with dark brown, barbie's suntan, or somewhere inbetween?

The lack of things I have heard about Dr Strange and its lack of reviews in the Sunday papers does not bode well. The character has never done much for me as I only ever see him guest-staring in other people's books and comes across as a smug guy who knows what you don't and is enjoying not telling you. The one Dr Strange book I do own is:

Dr Strange: Way of the Weird by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo*. Jason and Chris are two of my favourite creators and worked together on Wolverine and the X-Men (vol 1). Dr Strange is still smug and arrogant (which is what got him where he is today, truth be told) and somewhat self-obsessed (but is, at least, aware of it) and narrates a typical day-in-the-life: a spell to see if a soul-sucking babe is "into me" (yes), a girl whose hair really does eat hairbrushes, new and interesting (possibly venereal - a soul-sucking-babe, who can tell?) magical maladies and Wong (the cliché manservant) being un-cliché and trés cool. So. Yes. If disappointed with movie, read it.

*It's an amazon uk link, sorry
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