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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Life has not been high in excitement here. Washed the dress-up…

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cross stitch: birdy
Life has not been high in excitement here.

Washed the dress-up costume (for "let's dress like [people of historical period]" on Wednesday ) and didn't get the epic stain out (but it didn't dissolve in the wash either) so I went and sewed braid on it. It doesn't quite cover the (faded, thank god) stain, but the lighting at "work" is lousy (about the same vintage as everything else) so hopefully it will distract little eyes. Grown up eyes are worrying me more as last year we had an epic drop in school workshops and the last thing we need is unimpressed teachers (the new, high-tech kind who don't look beyond the "education room" civic museum sort of visit*) who think that since we have inadequate lighting and rather worn-out surroundings other people do it better. I'm yet to hear of other places that offer real-life archaeologists, real objects used by the [historical people] that you can pick up and doing what real-life archaeologists actually do (well, besides get drunk and be mistaken for smugglers**) and a real [historical period] building... that is better...

*waves hands* just read the footnote... okay.

Anywhichway... I am currently experimenting with an app called stashcache that promises to sort out my cross-stitch thread mountain. Hopefully, if I can get down town to K&N early tomorrow, I can get some more braid and do the other side of the dress and make it look intentional and fetching.
*These always get me down. What is the point of shipping 30+ kids just to put them in another classroom while somebody in historic dress explains how the [whoever] lived in the morning and the in the afternoon the group are offered a "self-directed" tour of the museum? "Self-directed" means leaving the kids with the teacher and expecting him/her to know what they are looking at and read out the captions. Given some teachers' extremely limited knowledge... nothing is going to get learnt and they might as well go to the park and be eaten by the seagulls.

**the second one actually happened: it is one of ONL's favourite stories.
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