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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I've had a really horrible run of headache days with variations…

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hugh huh (twitch)
I've had a really horrible run of headache days with variations between sleep/dark/aspirin/caffeine. Today, I'm having my first shot at Hardanger [embroidery style from a fjord called Hardanger somewhere Nordic] embroidery and not doing fabulously at the Cutty-Out-Bits and cutting Do-Not-Cut-Bits and having bits unravel merrily. Still, I think I am doing OK for a random first shot making it up as I go along thing. I'm not doing any of the complicated filling things - just Blocks with Woven Bars and Eyelets in any holes and some badly-done Square Stitch. And more importantly Unravelling Bits.

[This post makes no sense whatsoever, does it?]

In other news, Wednesday included 52 children (aged about seven) to dress up as [Historical Period] People. Out-Of-Context quote:

I was just about to have music festival flashbacks.

I'd just found out that the girls had used all the loo roll and had run back to the office to collect some. I ended up rolling the loo rolls under the cubicle doors where the teachers had all decided to visit the loo together. I came to rescue just before Miss had to re-acquaint herself with her musical experiences.

Unfortunately, I checked the School Booking Book when ONL wasn't looking: we have no further bookings until March. We rely on school bookings to keep the place running and maybe we've over-relied on word-of-mouth and repeat visitors too much. Teachers change schools and *slouches shoulders* I think you have heard that rant before.

Short Version: Younger Teachers are attracted by the shiny modern audio-visual type of Museum and take their kids there. Kids promptly get dumped in a room where somebody dressed-up tells them about Period X and they do Things (like make their own replica historical objects*

From what I have heard, the lazier museums offer a tour in the afternoon. Good? Not really. It's the "self-directed tour" which means nobody to explain things and the teacher left to read out the captions and try to avoid awkward questions because there will be nobody there to ask.

We (on the other hand) have a museum that was last painted c. 1976 and our audio-visual facilities consist of Informative Panels (ONL Does Capitalise Them), an Taped Audio-Commentary and Displays Of Archaeological Artefacts and the Prehistoric Hippopotamus and Fred the Possibly Knights Templar Skeleton. We do not look shiny or modern. What we actually do is: archaeological audio-visual presentation (ONL talks, kids look and listen), interactive audio-visual presentation (me. dressing up box. don't put those pictures on facebook, sir/miss) and activities that mean that the kids go home having learnt things that didn't know before, experienced things that they can't do in the classroom, have things to show the parents and hopefully memories.

Memories. You can't beat them.

* I went on one of these when I was at school. We drove all the way out to Maidstone (a long way by school trip standards - an hour as Google flies - closer to two when you have 30 under elevens) to sit in a room and make Our Own Victorian Clay Tiles. When we got back to school we left our tiles out to dry overnight and then painted them. I don't know how much this cost but it was probably more than is sensible (a little googling and I get £15 now) and I vaguely remember my parents not being terribly impressed. I certainly remember thinking that we had learnt naff all except that Miss liked shiny brochures...
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