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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

finally something cheerful

finally something cheerful

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hugh cemetary two
While I was at the benefit assessment (how medically f****d up are you and are you psychologically f****d up) and the doctor was wrestling with the piece of wondrous modern technology that is the audio recorder, mummyfrog went shopping in Cathedral City and went and hit the charity shops*. She went and bought a big jar of beaded stuff and bought it home where we found some of the largest hoop earrings known to womankind. Somehow they managed to combine a 2" hoop and five little crosses on 1.5" chains. Clearly made for somebody with a long neck.

Also, we found a nice ring which after checking out with a magnifying glass turns out to be a) silver and b) my size. It's floral with two marcasite flower heads and a central pink gem. Unlike many of my rings this one fits properly and doesn't swing/slide around and comes off again. :-)

The assessment centre makes an effort to have disabled/wheel-chair friendly loos. So, there are grab bars and a low sink. This is fine except that the paper-towel dispenser is at my eye-level. Wtf?

*Besides anything else, you get a better class of charity shop in Cathedral City unlike here where three charity shops have disappeared in one year.
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