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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

At Last, Something Beneficial

At Last, Something Beneficial

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callum and hugh
Dosk got his benefits (lack of) hearing. Strangely, they awarded him a disability score of 15, when the "medical professional" previous assessor said 0 in his written report (i.e. full mobility) even after David collapsed in the middle of his office and bbd had to pull him back up. So, yea! Dosk finally gets the money he's (always been) entitled to. Not so yay, how much this whole fucking process (over more than a year) and fighting it out with TPTB took out of my brother. He's spent the last three weeks going frantic and diving into the gobbledegook and "fabricated" reports/evidence.*

Dosk also reports that cobbles and wheelchairs really don't mix (especially over long distances) and why did they install the court in the middle of a pedestrianised shopping complex (with cobbles) with no parking access in the first place?

In other news, trying to organise my cross-stitch thread collection and obsessing about cross-stitch kits I like, black friday in the US, postage and the joy that is HM Customs website which will tell you nothing about tax/duty rates on imported pretty much everything. I do not want a repeat of the Teefury thing - £5 duty and a £7 handling fee from the Royal Mail** (because keeping it in their sorting office is so administratively costly and demanding on their resources).

*even writing about this shit makes me angry which is more than the motherfucker doctor deserves.
** moral: if you want to buy multiple shirts from teefury, buy them seperately and screw combined postage.
  • I'm so glad to hear he finally got his benefits.

    And sorry about the cobbles.
    • Not as sorry about the cobbles as bbd - his hands/wrists really hurt after pushing that chair over all those bumps.
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