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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

museum educator buzzy! (i.e. why I like my non-job)

museum educator buzzy! (i.e. why I like my non-job)

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callum and hugh
Today, it was 32 children on the museum education front.

ONL: That could be an Archaeological Emergency and I would have to go immediately.
ONL: Would you like me to take you along?
Kids: Yay! Yeah!
ONL: I think I'll take your teacher, he looks strong and good at digging.

ONL is impressed with the washed/improved dressing up stuff.

Except maybe the dress (which I didn't make out of a sheet sewn up as a tube with slots cut at one end to insert arm, head, arm i.e. '|'

ONL: Aren't your arms this way -|-
[add your own miming]
ONL: Not that way '|'
ONL: So shouldn't the dress not be going this way -|- not that way '|'
ONL: There should be sleeves going this way -|-
[ONL started bending the fabric to produce set-in-sleeves as envisioned by somebody who tucks his trousers into his socks]
It was funnier if you were there (as usual).

I actually got _interesting_ questions about:
a) toothpaste: (burnt and ground down bone/chalk/oyster-shells with charcoal and possibly myrrh) used as a tooth-powder possibly used with honey to make it actually taste nice
b) surgery: why you don't die when your leg is amputated by using pitch? how do you get around?*

I also tried to explain the wandering womb theory without mentioning the word womb. Female diseases are often caused by a womb that is insufficiently moist/warm/etc and it needs to be encouraged (by plasters/fumigation/topical ointment/masturbation as applied by the doctor in the correct fashion). At which point it will move back to where it should be and then be ready for baby-making etc. So I went for parts of your insides going walkies and the doctor having to return them to the correct position.

*I'd just developed sepsis after being gored by a wild boar and the doctor has effected a 100% cure: hacking it off. This was a result of the wild boar not brushing his teeth with crunched up shells and possibly using a whitening treatment using urine
  • People still use charcoal as toothpaste even today! :) I can't say if its effective but that's all my mom had growing up and she had no cavities. could be just dumb luck or genetics. I do know that brushing with a miswak stick is very effective dental care if no modern appliances are available.

    Love the wandering womb thing. Sometimes i do believe mine has a mind of its own! <3
    • a bad day or spelling

      I've seen some indian tooth powders online, they are (or so wikipedia tells me) very popular withthe ladies.

      Don't get me on ancient gynaecology! It was a big interest for me at college. The Greeks thought of the womb as being a klepshydra (sp?) a two-handled jug or liquid storage vessel (sp?) that contains and cooks the baby. The baby was generated by the man (i.e shot out of his penis) into the woman (whose role was clearly secondry). This might say a lot about women in the classical world.

      Except. It says even more about the intellectual/philoshopical
      perception of the human body and this interplays with medical practice. I can't ever find who actually said the quote (it might be me just being odd and doing cod-shakespear (or whatever) in my head:

      "woman is man turned outside in"

      [this is alongside the humors and the who Galen business] Clearly, men and women are different and the Greeks liked to think in pairs. So, men are strong, hot and dry and women are weak and soggy. Likewise, men are thinking great thoughts, women are too stupid to explain anything like that and should get on and... housework.

      Unrelatedly, in medieval times "housewife" was synonymic (at least in slang) for a prositute. What kind of woman would stay in the house all day and not do any proper outdoors hard work?

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