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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

buzzy gets sleepy | buzzy gets romantic

buzzy gets sleepy | buzzy gets romantic

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nightcrawler: sleeping
What I said above.

Sorting financials does not help my urge towards dormancy.

Sorting passwords does not help my urge towards inertia.

So many emails to write to find out locations for peeps and presents.

Just bought ONL a custom-printed mug with the "Europa and the bull" mosaic at Lullingstone Roman Villa (which is where ONL cut his digging teeth) and I still love her circular boobies. You can find her here

She is my second-favourite Romano-British mosaic. Number one is the Romulus and Remus mosaic found at Aldborough, Yorkshire*. The wolf is just so happy. look at the happy wolf.

Stylistically, it is somewhat reminiscent of the whole modern "american primitive" genre of cross-stitch and punch-needling. I've always wanted to do something mosaic-ey in cross-stitch, but the trap is that cross-stitches are square and evenly sized and real ones are definitely not (even on geometric designs/pavements).

* for extra context for the curious:
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