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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello - Buzzy surfaces.

Hello - Buzzy surfaces.

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hugh house
The world is still the same place it was on the other side of the New Year.

The parents had a [big number] [shiny thing] Wedding Anniversary. Dosk and I ponied up for a dinner out - I thought it would be a just-the-two-of-us romanatic candle-lit thing. Bbd informed me otherwise - a family thing. So we went Turkish (somewhat upmarket) in Cathedral City. Bbd's "make conversation" interactions (I might be over-doing the Sims) continues toe-curling "Can I ask what part of Turkey you're from..." - "I'm Romanian". Oops. "Well, we have a sea in common, I suppose"

I had adana kebab with yoghurt. [fyi: kebab pretty much means any meat product that has contact with a skewer]. I think I got the best option.

I have also recieved a gingerbread-related care package from one of my favourite americans. There is a lot of it. I might finish it in time for the start of the sumo season. (Jan 8 - highlights NHK World - Dosk is a fan). No comments about my likely shape, please.

Today I did c. 100 stitches on my Mysterious New Project and then found I had done them all in the wrong colour. :-( *unpicks thorughly*

Now it is New Year Dinner (we are so laid back in our family) and it smells yummy. TTFN
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