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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

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callum and hugh
They've stopped giving out samples on sporks at Fudge Kitchen (Butter Market, Cathedral City*, UK) because somebody managed to stab themselves in the throat with one. Not inside the throat (why would you stick the fudge there?) but the outside of the throat (i.e. the neck). wtf? How the hell do you do that?

Anywhichways, that means that the guy has to spork you off a sample and you take it off the spork with your fingers. Sticky black-forest-gateau fingers don't work well with gloves etc. Amusement can be had watching dosk taste-test the vanilla fudge - he didn't enjoy the sugar content but the flavour was good. The fudge guy is still lovely and very stamp-happy with the loyalty card. My next trip will be buy-one-get-one-free and he does double stamps on Fridays.

And now I have something to send to Gingerbread Girl. She's getting Double Chocolate with White Chocolate Swirl. I've a lump of Black-Forest which is the speciality flavour of the month.

*I am location-paranoid.
  • poooh! The stupid people ruin everything. Where I grew up in the states, we used to have a ring-like cake that had a plastic baby baked into it for Mardi Gras. Enough people have bitten into the cake not expecting to eat the plastic baby and are rushed to the hospital. Again, I do not see how people don't know to look for the baby since it is prominently pictured on the box. Nowadays the baby is left on the side of the cake just in case you want to put it in the cake. It is supposed to be for good luck if you find it (or you buy the next round of king cake).

    Sounds like such tasty fun!!
    • I've heard of King Cakes from reading too much Cake Wrecks. Yearly, it has proved an incredible level of stupidity and just bad cake decoration. The colours are pretty nightmarish (even if you are not my brother and allergic to the colouring in your medication) and so don't look all that great. I'm not sure how you can even get it that wrong.


      Here the closest equivalent is the old silver-six-pence-piece in a Christmas pudding except I've never encountered one (not least because I don't like Christmas pudding - it seems a large minority of people don't. At school it spent forever being dragged out of the freezer, warmed up and covered in custard, whereupon everyone ate their gym shoes instead.) and I think most people my age have only ever seen them turn up in Poirot etc. It is meant to be lucky thing (and, well you've got 6d to spend on something more edible except that your mother will grab it and put it into the next one). These days, the only people finding something in their pudding are the Waitrose (the oh-so-middle-class supermarket) ones because they are "designed" by Heston Blumenthal (who was pretty much the first tv-chef to run around with a blow-torch and measures his ingredients by fractions of a millilitre) and last year he stuck an entire lemon into his annual "surprise twist"pudding. The pudding is surprising in the two days after it sells then is in the papers being seriously spoilered.

      Anyway, you're not likely to have a sixpence (we went decimal at least half a century ago) and they weren't silver after 1946 (I think) and I'd seriously worry about corrosion if you stuck a 5p in it.
      • yeah King Cakes are not known for their subtle beauty. I grew up around them and do miss them now that I live in a town that acknowledges Mardi Gras but doesn't have any decent bakers to replicate King Cakes. King Cakes in my area are joke. They are pretty much torus-shaped french bread with gaudy icing and raisins. eew. Purple, Green, and Gold are considered Mardi Gras colours so most people go along with that. =) Real King Cakes however taste really good. Like a cinnamon roll but flaky too...some are filled with berry jellies and/or cream cheese layers.

        ooh, i guess the germ or corrosion factor maybe why people don't see more baked goods with items embedded inside them more often. I don't think I have even seen a Christmas Pudding before. But at least you can find money instead of a plastic baby.
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