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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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welsh: headdesk
Yesterday was brain doctor day except rather than getting my normal Scary Consultant (the one with disturbing sensitivity training) to her Even Scarier Registrar. So very ungood. Need psych help to get my headaches manageable ("it's like diabetes, you can't cure it but we can... strategies...). If my last email didn't make me sound extra fucked up... don't want to talk/think about this...

On other news, my brand new Mirabilia mermaid is beginning to look more than a little fishy (yay) and the chart is still a pain in the neck (less yay) but my seize-the-other-room-and-watch-stuff-on-my-fire was yay and there is snow (not yay) but somebody took the trouble to decorate the neighbour's car (yay) giving it eyes and lashes (double yay). My new comic looks suckasious (pecuniary unyay) dosk has pre-order a Nintendo Switch (yay) and the Sonic trailer looks awesome (yay) and I have offered to buy it so I can play it when he's not looking (yay) but can also play it with him and geek out (yay)...
  • Sorry about how the medical appointment went. I hope you can get some relief.

    Good luck with the cross stitch project.
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