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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The Knit and Natterers ( supposedly more genteel than a…

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cross stitch: birdy
The Knit and Natterers (supposedly more genteel than a stitch'n'bitch) have a new location which is (everyone present considers) a huge improvement.

After the new owners took over our previous location (which I was never hot on - it was in an atrium at a "dead mall" or at least a zombie mall - and was freezing in winter) it was pretty clear that we weren't welcome (or at least they didn't give an anything about our custom - 15+ coffees, 5 dinners) and they (pointedly) shut down and locked up at 3pm (without telling us - first we knew was when the shutters went down).

The new venue people are nicer and the staff actually have an interest in the knit/crochet/anything-else and those 15+ coffees in a completely dead mid-afternoon slot. If the appreciative noises around the wall-menu are any indicator, they're probably looking at 5+ dinners. Pat asked do they do omlettes? which is pretty surprising as she is the shyest person I have ever known.

It is also the only place that offers Turkish Breakfast with Chips. Furthermore they have cake and lahmacun*. Yummy.

*I hope I've got that right. It's the kind of Turkish "pizza" that isn't pide.
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