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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

nihil novi

nihil novi

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welsh: headdesk
My heart has made that (metaphorical) hm..uhm sound as it went from nice... to black hole in one go. There will be a new Laundry book somewhere in June/July {the Delirium Brief} and then heart!sink "can't you just leave your politics out of it?" if I didn't feel tired already

uhm, this post makes no sense.

If I didn't feel low enough, reading the back-copy of a book in a series you are incredibly fond of and finding that the story seems subsumed in the writer's political opinions (surprise, he doesn't like tories... they are the EVUL because they have SINISTER PLANS to... PRIVATISE oxygen supply...

Honestly? Please grow up. If you want to stick your Realpolitik in fine... just leave your personal bile out of it...

Hell, if you substitute tories with ENGLISH HERITAGE and their EVUL plans to take over EVERYONE and then... shut everyone down because they DON'T LIKE us and want all our funding for their own...

You get ONL for the last 30+ years and I'm tired of this same pattern again and again... nihil novi [nothing new] and I am really, really tired of this stupid repeating meme

[Okay, if you want to play around with the Blood Libel, do, just shut the fuck up around me... it's not nice, playing a fuzzy-liberal play-nicely piggy-in-the-middle while both sides shoot cannon at each other...]

My imaginary Laundry book is called the Angleton Office - it pretty much stops there [I think my meds ate my creativity... I'm not very imaginative these days]
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