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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hacked off in extremis: UK peeps, Sky is cutting your content and upping your prices

Hacked off in extremis: UK peeps, Sky is cutting your content and upping your prices

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Sky has told Discovery to get fucked because they didn't want to pay a better price. Currently, they are/were paying Discovery less money than in 2010.   Discovery have 13 channels.

Therefore, your "documentary bundle" now gets you:
*National Geographic (home of 101 real-life documentaries about truckers/crabbers...)
*[National Geographic] History (aka the Hitler channel)
*Yesterday (the channel where history means re-runs of 'Allo 'Allo and the Two Ronnies)
*Eden - the channel that includes proper science (mostly documentaries previously seen on the BBC)
*Crime Channel (uhm... )
What is amazing is Sky's level of bullshittery:

Sky offers a huge range of unmissable content, from award winning documentaries to thrilling entertainment.We've an incredible line-up of programming scheduled from partners like Nat Geo, History and CI, as well as a fantastic range of Sky Original content.

Upcoming programmes include: Big Cat Week, Explorer, Wild Strategies and Killing Regan from Nat Geo; Black Sails, Obama Legacy and Hunting Hitler from History; and Portrait Artist of the Year, Tate Walks and Freddie Fries Down Under from Sky Arts/Sky 1.

We also have more than 800 episodes of documentaries available on demand for Variety and Box Sets customers to watch whenever and wherever they want, including Origins, Ross Kemp Extreme World and the David Attenborough Collection.

Yes, that's exactly what shows on the remaining channels.  This isn't better and new programming.  It's what you got alongside your 13 Discovery channels (so the same National Geographic repeats and "docudramas", the same History that only ever covers the second world war and conspiracy theories, the same Sky Arts channel where they removed Sky Arts 2 and told us it was "improving" the channel by stripping-out original programming, the amazing new Sky 1 content (Freddie Fries is a Cricket Player who is road-tripping through Australia in a chip van) and lots of repeats of the 3d documentaries they made with David Attenborough.  You're still getting all of that wonderful old content "on demand" though (just as you have for the last ump years... and you didn't watch it then, it was that enticing).


Discovery are running a twitter hashtag campaign to try and get Sky to listen to their viewers.

Sky are raising everybody's subscriptions.

and just so you know, sports bundle people are losing two channels as well.
secondly, they said it here:
annoy them and keep clicking the "no" button?
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