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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Dr Who?

Dr Who?

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who: fangirl rose
Unlucky no. 13 (Capaldi) is already of the house and it's begun:

The next Doctor must be a female or Person of Colour.

Okay, so I want my new Doctor to be:

* an actor with a positive interest in the role.
* an actor who emotionally wants the role.
* an actor who is willing to be "Doctor Who" for the rest of his/her/hir life
* an actor who has it in him/her/hir -self and the ability to break free of type-casting
* an actor who is distinctive, creative, driven and energetic

Okay, so I want any Doctor to be:

* somebody who can be a MAD HUMANOID IN A BOX
* a being from a fantastically advanced civilisation who decides they enjoy hanging out with a bunch of hominids who haven't figured out how not destroy their world and develop a civilisation that results in the happiness of all.
* a being who thinks all the above is a good idea and emotionally and personally wants us to get there
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