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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh house
I spend a remarkable amount of time guilt-tripping myself about not posting here and then avoid posting here because I don't want to confront it. I'm am not sure that quite made sense, but it's pretty typical behavour on my part.

In other news:
*on Thursday I had my first public seizure. I went down walking past the bus station with my dad. I am told a lot of nice people came to help and carried me off down the road to the [gp practice down the road]*
*my head really hurts - tarmac is not a forgiving surface
*ONL is back and we have school children tomorrow.
*we cut my meds! Wee! It is unbelievable how much more together and engaged I am. 25mg Lama - I am so not missing you.
*dosk is in love with his Switch - first day delivery pre-orders win
*it's grand sumo season - dosk <3 sumo
*we're playing Snipper Clips nowish so...

bye everyone

I hope you guys are still having a rocking time.

*repetition but I don't name places on lj - computer-based paranoia is communicable and I live with two computer scientists
  • I'm sorry about your seizure, but I'm glad you're okay despite the sore head.

    I'm also glad they cut your meds and you feel better.

    Right now I'm just working around the house and hoping spring is better than winter was. I really getting into knitting, so that's taking up some time.
  • Oh dear...new health challenges...but glad you sound like you recovered okay and even get to change your meds.

    ION: I still can't get LJ to cough up the long PM's you sent, and then I got a message from you that you would be sharing your email addy but the addy never got through (and now I'm entering a time when it's gonna take me a while to even answer emails).
    • Okay. That's odd. I'm sending an email (not the contents of the PM so it may or may not make any sense) and expect something with a weird address (you might want to check your filters). More rambling about Poet - I'm not sure what else to talk about really.
      • Yeah, the LJ messages I've been trying to retrieve were exactly the ones about Poet, so no concern about what else to talk about. I'll check my filters when I'm at home on my own computer (currently at work).
  • oh crap! I vaguely remember having an outside seizure and it sucks. There was talk about wearing those padded helmets and I was like um... no...but yes it freaking hurts to crack your head on pavement or linoleum flooring. :(
    I am glad you are doing better though!!!

    P.S. Don't feel guilty about lack of updates. I am the worst. I keep meaning to, but i also feel like what am I gonna say? :/

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