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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Who Bought A Light Bulb To A Gunfight

Who Bought A Light Bulb To A Gunfight

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animal: omg llamas!
Last night, I was stitching and the ceiling light in the kitchen exploded*. Since I was watching Die Hard II (who cannot love Bruce Willis?)** a sudden bang (in a gunfight), put it this way, you still need to peal me off the ceiling. Loud noises and sudden movements are not my friends - I am a very jumpy tense person.

In other news: introduced my mother to bathos (an emotionally unsatisfying ending to a narrative), the adjective - bathetic - is great for exams and impressing markers.

* I am not kidding. There are little bits of track-light halogen bulb _everywhere_ including in the hall and nearly every kitchen surface.
**I love Bruce Willis movies - this is widely known at home and people spot them for me. YAY!
  • That does sound scary. That mini glass is incredibly hard to find, too. Be careful on the clean up.
  • i am scared of halogens exploding. They get so hot. I'm glad no one was seriously injured.

  • Yikes, that would have freaked me out too!

    I was at a friends for lunch a couple of years back when there was this massive shattering whoosh sound - the curved shower door had just gone, must have had a flaw or something, but there was tiny shards all over the bathroom floor and a huge jagged bit still hanging in the frame. But the noise was incredible and we all got such a fright!
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