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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

and totally not related to in!Russia fail... have some plotting for a fanfic I never finished

and totally not related to in!Russia fail... have some plotting for a fanfic I never finished

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ckr: fear is negotiable
Why is it now that i am getting plot-fixes for Poet?*

* Stella: Ray's always been for Stella, ever, full stop, period and the other entire bucket of punctuation.
* Yes: that means he was always "saving it" for Stella
* There is nobody who compares with Stella
* Ray thinks he can win Stella back so, yes, no horizontal mambo (hey, Ray likes dancing okay.)
* Stella went to college etc... before she and Ray got together
* That doesn't mean that she's a cheater
* Or a man eater
* Just that, you know, divorce and all
* i.e. why she has a thing that might progress into something else with another love-struck musician called Ray

So okay then:
* Ray gets stressed - he dances (totally canon)
* Seriously, he can't dance anywhere he's ever gone with stella
* And ball-room kind of requires more than one person
* And he can't (Ray think) go to any of the bars/places he gigs
* Hey, there's a bar with ALL NITE DISCO EXPERIENCE with SPOT PRIZES**
* You can do disco solo (plus alcohol - and he needs it)
* So, yeah, Ray can get behind all that
* So, there's a few more guys in the queue (they still do that ladies free before 10 thing still, er, don't they?) and the girls in it are kind of fluffy, pink and loud and with fairy wings (what the heck?)
* [Can we just say that Ray hasn't done disco or clubbing for years?]
* [Plus, it's Retro Disco - and he's lifted - with permission - one of the girls' pink marabou cowboy hats and pulled open that shirt and showing some serious chest]
* [gets inside]
* shit, it's that kind of bar, but he's already paid and there are too many people coming in behind him for him to turn around and get the fuck out (yeah, fuck, Ray really has a way with words - maybe that's why the label have got him a fucking song-writer)

Stuck in the middle of the dance floor (here I am, stuck in the middle with you... fate likes irony) and then gets rescued by this guy...
...and things get a bit weird, like kissing and manly groping weird... and superfreaky...

So, of course, Ray freaks (and ends up at home doing some thinking and thinking that the guy seems a bit... you know... attractive.

So, of course, Turnbull (otherwise known by his nom-de-clubbing, Bubba - weird choice, you think?) gets back to his hotel (eventually) and can't get his new friend (for a very fast friendship with a date that lasts about 0.5 of a second) out of his head (so he tries out of his cock which is satisfying but not such a success with the head) and...

Well, yeah, Ray Kowalski (the acoustic punk - in his head, at least...) and his new song-writer (lumbered on him by Ray's New Manager) Renfield Turnbull (a partner in White Wolf Records) suddenly have a lot to talk about

...which is kind of familiar with one of the guys...

but makes for fucking amazing song-writing

* And Turnbull desperately surviving his all-day hot-guy-i-can't-get experience - has promised himself a very desperate plan... go to the bar and see if the guy's there again (or for some reason a strange but sexy full-sensitive hallucination) and a little bit more...

* And Ray... goes back, because...


Footnote, [On the Inside I'm A] Poet is the unfinished fannish mmo novel thing. A music-business Due-South AU staring a confused!RayK, a pining!Turnbull and in-love-but-she-somehow-doesn't-get-it Ray V and Stella. Ray V is a concert-playing pianist (I just wanted to write that) who realised that the New Management with whom Stella has handed over career control for clinging Ray K is actually a Mob Front run by the mentally unstable Frank Zuko who likes people to do what he wants them to and terminates his enemies and somehow Ray V and Stella need to warn Ray K and Turnbull, who Frankie has chosen to write some songs that are little more commercial and that does not include Bisexual Awakening themes...

Oh dear

**I'm thinking of the jockey shorts dance contest Mouse (desperate for the money) enters in "Tales Of The City" [the book version] - sadly, it loses him his not-quite-yet boyfriend for a goodly chunk of the book. If you don't know the book, read the book. Being awful, I haven't read books three and four, but "Micheal Tolliver Lives" is a warm hug of a book. And not something that would go down well with lj's lords and masters unlike the black hairstylist who goes down very nicely...
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