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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

possibly meaningless if you haven't been watching dr who in the last hour

possibly meaningless if you haven't been watching dr who in the last hour

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who: fangirl rose
Dosk is suggesting that the new emoji!bots are culture deficient so the humans can pay the rent with hiring out spaghetti westerns. He is now suggesting the emoji!bots wearing cowboy hats as their first ever fashion accessory. I think 12 would approve.

I don't think many families schedule their day and meals around Dr Who.

Bill is coming along nicely, being extremely cheerful (a very good thing), asking lots of surreal questions (why can't you reach the console from the seats), picking out weirdness (spoilers - all of them), pointing out when the Doctor is contradicting himself (she read the sign on the TARDIS) and following the Doctor into wherever he doesn't want her to go (did I say she read the panel on the door?). She has also managed to not get completely lost (she photographed the site map) and is never going to run out of battery ever again.

Last Episode: Nardole setting the security of the Vault as "friends only"

Next Episode: OMG! It's the Frost Fair! First person to shout this: bbd. We likes out historical(ish) stories and totally have wanted to be there (except without the endemic diseases and lack of sanitation). It was called the Little Ice Age and the Thames froze solid and the elephant is totally authentic. We are a family of history people. My diploma says so.
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