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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

another busy day at the museum

another busy day at the museum

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fraser: I want to break free
Today at "work" we had two visitors, one of whom was from the Kazakhstan/Russian border. I couldn't find the sticky dots to stick on The Map*.

I have now demarcated the hippopotamus. I just wanted to write that statement. Lots of signs, florescent tape and a barrier made of chairs and boxes. There is no way another visitor will look at the chairs and assume that is an "invitation" to play with the archaeological remains (of the giant hippopotamus) and move them out of their sandboxes. I had three groups of people (on my two days I work) sitting in there playing with the pieces - this included the "responsible adults"!

The office kettle went to the great kitchen in the sky but not before ONL, replaced the fuse, checked the outlet, took another plug to pieces to get another fuse, blew the new fuse, replaced the fuse again, checked the base unit and took a screwdriver to the base of the jug section to see if any parts would fall out.

ONL tried to renegotiate our line rental/call plan. It was even worse than you can imagine.

*it's big and we put dots on it to show where our visitors come from and we wonder if anyone will ever top Siberia as place of origin
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