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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Weeks of Nervous Anticipation Are Over!

Weeks of Nervous Anticipation Are Over!

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animal: omg llamas!
...and I am not talking about tonight's Who.

TA has finally got her wedding thing and loves it very much. :-) It is beautiful and thoughtful and she is amazed by the effort.

So, I should probably work on getting an edit up here.

Who? I am seriously trying not to [spoiler] anything.

Special marks for the [three way] time lord arguing, the [two way] time lord arguing. Extra special marks for the super-mini [not] Bill girl and the sheer surreality of everything in the barn [niiii...ce camera work]. Nardole's not-so-secret admirer <3 I'll try anything once [if you have seen it - you know how awesome and awkward and adorable the conversation is]. Nardole is still my favourite sarcastic android and still always in the right place at the right time: except when he isn't and the Doctor tells him so. I think Bill could have done with a sweater or some other distinctive garb to find her when she's lost and re-assure everyone about her location.

Is that [non spoilerific] in the best possible way? It is completely obtuse to the point it makes very little sense if you haven't watched the show but summarises most of the awesome.

The [deliberate] surprise everythings weren't done too badly but the last-but-one was a little *bill voice* wuh? *end bill voice*.

Dosk has already caught up in his i-player re-watch hyper-analysis thing. Now i-player [nothing to do with apple; everything to do with the bbc streaming service] does [annoying little] boxes that spring up and tell you about the background music. These make Dosk very happy
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