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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I'm loving the sumo at the Nagoya Basho championship. I am a huge…

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nm: sapientia
I'm loving the sumo at the Nagoya Basho championship. I am a huge fan of the lovely Ura (possibly the best thing in a small package coming from Japan and that includes the Nintendo Switch) and his fast reversal thing today was amazing. That's something I should add to my interests list: sumo fangirl?

Had fun at "work" (except that the morning really sucked and Elvis was totally undermining me and trying to show off his "authority" over me by sending me out with an "urgent" shopping list of things he knew I couldn't find and hiding my stuff. I got my side of the story to ONL first)

Actual fun at "work":

The first year at my old secondary school came on the Great Traditional Annual Crocodiled History Trip which has now been combined with the Great Traditionl Annual Nature Hike and the Ritual River Tracing Activity. The teachers have foregone the Traditional Work Sheet Of All Eternity (1980) in favour of "find something interesting and draw it" ... I'm not sure where the bit about running around having found the dressing up box. I went and wrapped one of them up in the Iconic Historical Garment as others took pictures of the Insert Head Here Photo Opportunity. Reasonable amusement ensued.

I met one of my old teachers which was interesting and we expressed dismay at the younger teachers having decided to avoid the inclement weather by Nature Hiking into Mc Donalds. *fail* Strangely my teacher was smaller than I remember her - since I haven't grown any taller I have no idea why.

By the time I had come back from lunch Newbie (age 17) had taken the sword and scabbard from the Dressing Up Box into safe custody. It was really funny when I explained about the Latin for a scabbard - vagina. His face was... er... amusing especially when I told him which use of the word is actually metaphorical... he suggested year 8 sew education... I pointed out that in certain american states that could be the only way to get sex ed into the kids... this was equally astounding (in a bad way).

So, my afternoon was pretty good. ONL and I went on a mission to leaflet bomb every hotel in town. It was super awesome [and proof that ONL is capable of being a fun guy sometimes].
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