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I'm an Archaeological Admin, Get Me Out of Here

I'm really not looking forward to "work" tomorrow.

ONL has something to get REALLY ANGRY about.

I have something to get REALLY PEEVED about. The office computer (running XP as it has been the last 10 years) is now taking 20+ minutes to load and ONL won't let me do anything about it. This is presumably because I don't have External Genetilia and am Rather Dim and therefore know nothing useful about technology and anything I can do will make things worse "Oooor no, buzzy, we don't want to be doing that... could break the computer... doing that"

[I pointed out that I know more about the inner workings of computers than anyone else here and know what to do to keep them healthy and happy]

So, I am a Buzzy with a Plan. That Plan is a Man - getting a list of how to improve your XP machine (particularly an over-full hard disk and an olympian page file) and then I am going to get a Man (nominate bbd who nominates dosk) to annotate it in a suitably male fashion. Then I can use a "work" pc that actually works.
Tags: archaeology on mars, the wonderful world of volunteering

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