little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

Hello. I have very nearly finished the "new" sampler. So, now I need something else to stitch that fits within time constraints.

Otherwise it is back to the ef-ing mermaid which has proved to be a huge, badly-designed, money-pit of a project. Clue: the expensive hand-dyed silk floss (if you are a stitcher, you'll know how much that costs and wince) doesn't match the colour model and it doesn't even "tone-in" with the dmc which makes 2/3 of the fucking piece. I even bought doubles from other suppliers because it could have just been a bad dye batch - uh, no. So I now own two skeins of silk that I can't use. *fail*

I could use this time to finish up all the last little bits of other projects
Tags: caffeinate yourself to happiness, cross stitch anxiety, cross stitch blather

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