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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

One of those pull-myself-together posts

One of those pull-myself-together posts

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welsh: headdesk
I was officially banned from disclosing any details of this event whilst it was in process. I live with computer programmers and they know a thing or two about confidentiality, web footprints and identity theft. You might call it paranoia but we'd call it sensible. Most of you (my readership) don't know my name and about one of you can figure out my location (maybe). It was normal for my generation, the people who got onto places like livejournal c. 2004 for peeps not to breathe a word about rl that hadn't had the context ripped out. It's why I always talk about "work" and give everyone weird nick-names. Back then, you weren't worried about identity theft or web fraud [my first bank account let you log in with a hotmail address and your roll number] and the main threat [as everyone saw it] was "stranger danger" or stalkers. Then came facebook and changed all of that. I didn't get it at the time and I still don't - why on earth would you tell everyone your name and identity to the world? More than that, why would you give your details to a web site that has come from nowhere and could do anything with your data? And not just your identifying data but letting them into your e-mail address book so it could "find" any contacts in common? Sheesh.

Okay. Enough with ye olde internet rant.

We went on holiday to South Cyprus which was nice until day five when bbd slipped in the combination bathtub/shower, knocked himself out and dislocated his shoulder. That rather did for all the fun stuff. The most we saw was terrifying taxi driving and the inside of the local supermarket (the amazing Phillipos of Coral Bay - the only place that will sell you a cement mixer and a full english) or out for food at a couple of restaurants. So, there you go, we had a lot of fun on our vacation.

I was very glad to have taken an absolutely over-ambitious cross stitch project with me. Pictures will hopefully follow.
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