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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Mostly Fanfiction - the due South COYA (if it doesn't drive me mad first) and RL dilemma

Mostly Fanfiction - the due South COYA (if it doesn't drive me mad first) and RL dilemma

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nm: sapientia
Writing COYAs* is difficult. My plot tree has plot trees coming out of everywhere and, it seems, zillions of versions of the same scene with little plot changes and changes of little details to account for the diversion of each little choice. It is, in short, flow chart hell.

I don't even have a crime plot yet!!? The whole idea is that You Are Fraser and along with Ray (and Diefenbaker if you choose transport option no. 3) you investigate the crime and solve it... worse case scenario, you are caught by the bad guys and Turnbull/the Ducks/Somebody Else rescues you...

Unlike most real/pulished COYAs out there... none of the options will kill you horribly

Also, it is gen with some subtext if you want to read it. I am not writing a slash plot generator. If somebody wants to... I'm not uninterested.

Also, it was Elvis's birthday and I forgot. What do I do?

(Not THE Elvis but OUR Elvis still wore sequin suits as he spun discs in tiki bars in seaside resorts. It wasn't quite Hawaii but it was pretty close)


*Choose Your Own Adventure: If you grew up sometime in the 70/80s (or early 90s) you probably know these things. Otherwise, they are storybooks where you are the lead character and you make the in-plot choices. It's possibly easier to give you an example:

You save the day and the mayor thanks you for rescuing the people of Metropolis. What do you do next?

a) you go to talk to Batman about the burning buildings. go to section 48 on page 60
b) you pick up Lois and have a candle-lit dinner go to section 12 on page 41
c) you decide to catch up on your sleep and go to the Fortress of Solitude go to section 21 on page 36

Some paths of action lead you to "win" the scenario and accomplish your mission. Other paths you've chosen (most of them) you "lose" the scenario and something happens to you (often extremely fatal)...

As you sink to the floor under Lex Luthor's magic Kryptonite ray, you wonder what would have happened if you'd made different choices... then you black out and never wonder again.

Why not go back to the start and make some different choices?
  • Continuing to cheer you on for the CYOA...and I really like that none of your options are "Fraser wonders what would have happened if he made other choices, then blacks out and never wonders about anything again". (I mean, I do read some death!fic...I even write some death!fic...but I don't like it in a CYOA.)

    And I'll be wearing my slash-goggles in case there is any hint of subtext somewhere.
    • I have

      "There’s something I’ve needed to tell you for a long time…"

      in a dialogue tree thing [one of three possible answers - to Ray]

      All I need is a bloody case! Every option is set up just to hit the plot recap/expansion thing

      (otherwise known as the guys reading the paperwork while eating in the Chinese-Polish restaurant. A book called "Linger Awhile" by Russell Hoban features a Genghiz Cohen restaurant doing kosher chinese food. Russell Hoban's best known book is "The Mouse and his Child")

      p.s. mountie + motorcycle + sidecar ? did i imagine it?

      Edited at 2017-10-21 04:49 pm (UTC)
      • Genghiz Cohen Chinese Kosher Restaurant! LOL!

        (BTW, I actually do own a legit Chinese Kosher cookbook.)
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