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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

dS CYOA (of interest to exactly one person)

dS CYOA (of interest to exactly one person)

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fraser: lost boy
I have the burning desire to insert the Chinese English Breakfast Restaurant* into the fic, but this is hampered by the lack of Full Englishes in America (prove me wrong if you can) so we have the Hi Liw Diner which specialises in Chinese-Polish dishes... it can't be as bad as black pudding with black bean sauce.

* it was a very real lunch-time option in my home town but is now gone. If you want black bean chow mein on top of your fried slice... it was the place for you. It just wasn't the place for me.
  • I have been to England twice (and btw, both times were for reasons related to dS) and I had the Full English almost every morning. I <3'ed them so much that I took pics of them which are in my phone's photo gallery even now. You are, alas, correct that there is no such in America. *yearns for the Full Englishes of yore*

    As for the idea of black pudding (which I also <3'ed and can't get here) served as "black pudding with black bean chow mein"...to quote Ray Kowalski "hey, me, I'll try anything".
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