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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

COYA update

COYA update

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fraser and ray: duet
I may have a plot for the Choose Your Own Adventure project. I wrote it at about midnight so I will have to litmus test it for making actual sense. I still need an interesting murder scenario - the whole "how we found the victim" shebang. Still, I think I know whodunnit but they might have to have help with the heavy lifting.

I also need to find a Italian-Polish fusion/mashup dinner. Like pirogi (sp?) and spaghetti. Best "how did I never think of that?" answer to "you don't look Italian"
Italian father (Vecchio) and Polish mother (Kolwalski)*

ETA: I am now writing a pathology report so I can get my timings sorted.

ETA 2: I now have that dialogue tree sorted. It doesn't have to be a dialogue tree and it's universal [so no major re-writes for different story lines]

Things I never knew: surnames change according to the sex of the named individual. So you would never meet a female Kowalski (male ending) in Poland.
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