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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Americanadians! The Most Boring Car c 1995

Americanadians! The Most Boring Car c 1995

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mort: hi
Holy hell! I was looking for the boys (or just Fraser) on a motorbike/sidecar and I found this:


It's a picture of Ray driving a ford taurus. *startled*

It seems my guess was right.

*checks car repair paint matching website> Oooh, It's 1993 Opal Metalic. Yay!

Now I just have to find a really boring american car from the earlish nineties that Ray would not be happy to drive. Something popular that doesn't stick out but is as dull as ditch water.

Not made for dynamism or chases but for boring / admin / witness-taking-home / covert watching/ you've-blown-up-your-car / don't-make-me-drive-that purposes

ETA: what about a jetta? [the Great Lakes Avengers have one - does that make it cool?]

ETA: would a taurus be better? what shades can i get it in?

Sorry, Ray, today you will be driving a 1992 ford taurus in frosted mocha.
It makes the motorcycle a more attractive choice
  • Ha! Yes! Ray would not be pleased with that car!

    And you have a Mort icon! That does not bode well for Ray either!
    • And then I found the photograph! And I got the car right!

      I have spent this morning writing up the preliminary not-quite post mortem -- so Ray can have the pleasure of knowing the crime is forensically sound and matches the time of death. I am sure the victim will appreciate it. Imagine a female Dan Brown type novelist from Squamish, Ontario...

      [this is why I never finish things, I get lost in all the detail, world building, etc]

      ETA: am I hallucinating a publicity picture of Fraser, Ray K, and a motorbike with sidecar? The GTO is out of service... and Fraser has just borrowed Turnbull's without asking [plot option 2] or with asking [plot option 3]. I need a decent numbering system.

      [double ETA: I have just written synopsies (sp?) of her books and they are very... Frannie/ Ms Liew/ Turnbull

      Edited at 2017-10-22 03:38 pm (UTC)
  • Certainly hallucinating
  • I do not know of this motorcycle-with-sidecar publicity photo...but now it is stuck in my head and I am wondering if it is out there somewhere....
    • I think I am hallucinating. It wouldn't be difficult, I was on a lot of weird meds at the time - I wasn't quite in my own head.

      I am now trying to think about those review quotes they put on the back of books. The victim is a Candian author who writes those Dan Brown chuch-conspiracy books but with a hell of a lot more blood and a whole tortured love underlying it all. I wrote the synopses for such wonderful books as "the blood chalice" and now I need some review quotations for Ray to stab the Rival Author (a suspect) with...

      I wonder what the New York Times would make of a book with blood-crazed perfumers members of a secret society trying to find the next mother of christ for the iminent return of the lord to earth.

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