little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

Americanadians! The Most Boring Car c 1995

Holy hell! I was looking for the boys (or just Fraser) on a motorbike/sidecar and I found this:

It's a picture of Ray driving a ford taurus. *startled*

It seems my guess was right.

*checks car repair paint matching website> Oooh, It's 1993 Opal Metalic. Yay!

Now I just have to find a really boring american car from the earlish nineties that Ray would not be happy to drive. Something popular that doesn't stick out but is as dull as ditch water.

Not made for dynamism or chases but for boring / admin / witness-taking-home / covert watching/ you've-blown-up-your-car / don't-make-me-drive-that purposes

ETA: what about a jetta? [the Great Lakes Avengers have one - does that make it cool?]

ETA: would a taurus be better? what shades can i get it in?

Sorry, Ray, today you will be driving a 1992 ford taurus in frosted mocha.
It makes the motorcycle a more attractive choice
Tags: coya
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